My Kickstart Setup


Setup should be run on a private network (in this case,

Machines will have their IP et al changed after install. The machines being installed will be installed to multiple locations.

The install should be basic, which is to say, OS, network accessible via ssh, all unnecessary services turned off.

My setup uses a sun solaris machine as the OS server, to the linux client.

Sun Box (

Solaris 2.7
NFS Server, serving /usr/local/install/RedHat/6.1
DHCP Server (
Name Server (

Linux Client (DHCP assigned address)
2xP500, 128Mb RAM, 2x9Gig hard drive, Adaptec SCSI controller

Setup Process

(1) Setup DHCP - dhcpd.conf

(2) Setup DNS - DNS Config files

(3) Setup NFS.

(4) Create kickstart configuration file - ks.cfg

(5) Create boot floppy from netboot image (use the latest!)